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Designy Temporary Tattoos Shipped around the world from Brooklyn, NY!

Each Tattly comes as a set of 2 Perfect to share with a friend!

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Big Dipper

Lights off! Big Dipper is our very first glow-in-the-dark Tattly, designed by Rusty A. Meadows. Put one on right before you go to bed for a fun, science-y sleeptime companion. 

After application, “charge” this Tattly with a bit of sun or a bright light. The white ink will glow green!

Tattlys are safe and non-toxic, lasting on average 2-4 days. We suggest placing on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean! Watch our Application Video to become a pro.

Rusty A. Meadows

Designed by

Rusty A. Meadows

Brooklyn, New York

As the business brain behind Tattly, Rusty tackles e-commerce one project at a time. He has an impressively comprehensive GIF collection and wears stripes every day.


Big Dipper


$5 (Set of 2)


3" x 1.5"


This Tattly is: