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Each Tattly is $5 (set of 2) includes shipping within the US

Cowboy Octopus

Cowboy Octopus by Steve Mack lives a a fairly easygoing life. He swaggers about town, chewing barley. Just about the only hardship he experiences is that he needs to buy boots four pairs at a time!

Steve Mack

Designed by

Steve Mack

Saskatchewan, Canada

Steve Mack lives on a small farm and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He designs and illustrates greeting cards for major clients such as Target, Walgreen, Hallmark, and American Greetings.


Cowboy Octopus


$5 (Set of 2)

Includes shipping within the United States. Add $2 per order for international shipping.


2" x 3"


Each Tattly is: