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Designy Temporary Tattoos Made in the US, shipped around the world!

Each Tattly is $5 (set of 2) includes shipping within the US


What ... is that? It looks like a giraffe, but it has a long, many-legged torso instead of a long neck. Quirky and perplexing, Jason Polan's Giraffipede can be worn up, down, or all around!

Jason Polan

Designed by

Jason Polan

New York, New York

Jason Polan is an artist based in New York. He is the Founder of the Taco Bell Drawing Club, and is currently trying to draw a portrait of every New Yorker a project which, when completed, will involve a great big get-together.




$5 (Set of 2)

Includes shipping within the United States. Add $2 per order for international shipping.


5" x 1.5"


Each Tattly is: