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Each Tattly is $5 (set of 2) includes shipping within the US

Never Been On a Boat

So ironic — a nautically themed design for someone who has never had the pleasure of being out at sea (or even drifting in a lake)! Oliver Jeffers' Never Been On a Boat is a cheeky Tattly that combines classical tattoo motifs with slightly quirky messaging. 

This design is a collaboration of Oliver Jeffers, Mac Premo and Aaron Ruff, also known as "You and Me The Royal We".

Oliver Jeffers

Designed by

Oliver Jeffers

Brooklyn, New York

Oliver Jeffers makes art. He also makes drawings, a picture book or two, some lists, and a few other things. He does so from New York. For now.


Never Been On a Boat


$5 (Set of 2)

Includes shipping within the United States. Add $2 per order for international shipping.


3" x 4"


Each Tattly is: