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Each Tattly is $5 (set of 2) includes shipping within the US


What in the world is this? It has a keyboard, but no screen. Oh, you put paper in it? It's like a computer, and a printer! Seriously, this is a typewriter. Maybe you've seen one before. Relive the good old days of analog type with this delightful Tattly by Julia Rothman.

Julia Rothman

Designed by

Julia Rothman

Brooklyn, New York

Julia Rothman grew up on a small island in the Bronx called City Island, which few New Yorkers know about. She enjoys nice books and going on walks with her terrier Rudy.




$5 (set of 2)

Includes shipping within the United States. Add $2 per order for international shipping.


2" x 2"


Each Tattly is: