Designy Temporary Tattoos Shipped around the world from Brooklyn, NY!

Each Tattly comes as a set of 2 Perfect to share with a friend!


Aaand we’re out! Sorry folks, this limited-edition set is no longer available. 

In July of 2011, we launched Tattly with 15 designs and one set that included all of them. In July 2012 for our first birthday, we brought it back with over 240 designs.

Now, once again we're making an Everything Set with over 300 Tattly designs. Each Everything set includes a mind-boggling 313 Tattlys, packed up in a limited-edition “Everything” canvas zip, designed by Tattly artist Jessica Hische. Available only in a limited quantity, the Everything set is a chance to have the full library of Tattly.

(And yes, it takes five people to wear all of them!)

Tattlys are safe and non-toxic, lasting on average 2-4 days. We suggest placing on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean! Watch our Application Video to become a pro.




$250 (Set of 313)


This Tattly is: