5 Ways DIY Pros make Carve-Free Pumpkins

Pumpkins might have thick skin, but they have feelings too! This October, set aside those carving knives for a gourd-friendly option: temporary tattoos! We’ve listed five ways to decorate pumpkins for spooky season using Tattly’s fake tattoos from real artists.

1. Martha Stewart’s Natural Curiosity
Because no one does it better than the Halloween queen herself! Check out how she uses our Natural Curiosities sheet to create her stunning, black and white pumpkin here.

2. Fun, festive, floral!
Better Homes & Gardens took a more flowery approach with their pumpkins. Their gorgeous gourds feature Rifle Paper Co.’s Gold Floral and part of the Lovely Set. Shop all our Rifle Paper Tattlys here!

3. Sweet and simple
For a more minimalistic look, take a peek at Salt & Sundry’s pumpkins, decorated with Petite Alma’s Little Marks.

4. Keep it Classic
Cool Mom Pics opts for the straightforward approach: just put ‘em on! Tons of festive Tattly are used on these pretty pumpkins, including Boo Who, Bat, Black Cat, Cartolina Skull, and Snake. Take a look at our whole Halloween collections (including our glow in the dark sheets) here!

5. Feeling (Eggshell) Blue
Who says orange and white are a pumpkin’s only options? Ursula from kraft+mint creates vibrant, teal pumpkins using Rifle Paper Co.’s Rosa. Shop all our Rifle Paper Tattlys here!

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