Designy Temporary Tattoos Shipped around the world from Brooklyn, NY!

Each Tattly comes as a set of 2 Perfect to share with a friend!

Custom Tattly!

Tattly Are:

  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Printed with vegetable-based ink
  • Made in the USA
  • FDA compliant and fun for all ages!

Bring on the fun and make a statement with your brand! Customize a Tattly design for your next big event or promotion. Use them as giveaways, at trade shows, or package multiple designs for retail. Your design will drive the message while delighting your audience.

Send an email to custom@tattly.com if you are interested in working with us!

Case Studies

Custom Loose Tattly

Loose Tattly are a low-cost and fun way to reach a large audience. They are perfect for handing out at events or delighting your customers when included in a shipment. Average turnaround time, including shipping, is 3–4 weeks.

Please contact us at custom@tattly.com for pricing details!

Loose Tattly stacks for Twitter

Custom Tattly Sets

We also offer a range of custom packaging to suit your needs. Perfect for retail settings and gift bags. Average turnaround time, including shipping, is 6 – 8 weeks.

Please contact us at custom@tattly.com for options and pricing details!

Our Current Packaging Options

Custom FAQ

I want to take a test drive before I get a real tattoo. Can you print a few for me?
Our minimum order for custom is 500 per design, so unfortunately not. We have hundreds of existing designs available online so we might have one that you could try out temporarily instead, before you commit to anything permanent.
Will you design my Tattly?
Custom Tattly do not include a custom tattoo design. However, we provide feedback on submitted design at no charge. We do have access to a roster of over 80 world-class designers that we would be happy to introduce you to. Any services by a designer would be at an additional cost determined by the artist. Look at our Artist roster here.
Are custom Tattly safe?
All Tattly are non-toxic and safe for all ages. They are printed using FDA compliant vegetable-based ink. Tattly are printed in the United States!
So you guys will print anything, right?
All of the custom Tattly we print are held to the same high aesthetic standards as the Tattly for sale on our site. We do have to say “no” to custom Tattlys from time to time for various reasons.
What format should we use for files?
Tattly work best when printed using a vector file. We prefer EPS or Adobe Illustrator files. We can print from very high resolution JPEG and TIFF files if a vector isn’t available.
Can my Custom Tattly order feature branding or additional information?
Of course! A portion of the back of the Tattly paper is reserved for branding content. Depending on the size of the Tattly, we can place anything from a black and white logo, URL information, a hashtag, or catchy slogan.
Do Tattly come packaged?
Our loose custom Tattly do not come packaged. We do offer a variety of packaging options; please contact us for more information and pricing.
How far is the Big Dipper from Earth?
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