We Heart Art Teachers! Our Black Friday Sale with Donors Choose

Do you have an art teacher that made a difference in your life?

We know each of our artists got their start somewhere. That's why we're excited to partner with Donorschoose.org this Black Friday to support art classrooms around the country. Take 30% off until Monday with code HEARTART30, and we'll donate a generous cut from the sale to these visual arts projects on Donors Choose.  

Donors Choose is a site where teachers can raise funds for their classrooms for specific projects that haven't been supported by their district. They have the highest rating on Charity Navigator, and we're big fans of the work that they're doing. 

We gathered 25 creative projects from schools where over half of students come from low-income households. These projects include K-12 classrooms specifically engaged with visual arts, and funds will go towards supplies like cameras, quality paper, paint, clay, and printers.

We know the importance of having the right tools to learn the principles of design and the analytical and creative skills that come through practicing art, and we hope that in our own small way we can encourage kids to pursue careers in the arts. (We know it isn't always easy!) 

"My students are amazing," says one of our featured teachers, Ms. Vanessa, who teaches in the Bronx. "Our high school is a transfer high school, meaning that our students are under-credited and overaged." 

Ms. Vanessa is trying to fund a project to teach her kids the basics of stop-motion animation. (How cool is that?)

"Having a wide variety of materials to choose from, like clay and paint, to build sets, characters, and sculptures will help my students to make more thorough and creative stop-motion animations and sculptures," she says. "I love to teach animation, and I think it can be so important and so empowering for students - it's a really special and engaging medium."  

If you'd like to shop our collection, everything is 30% off until Monday! Use code HEARTART30 at checkout. A big cut of all our proceeds from this sale will go towards these projects, and we'll update you with our progress on Giving Tuesday.

If you want to skip the Tattly and donate directly, head on over to our Giving Page to see what these amazing art teachers are working on!


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