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Introducing Embroidery Tattly by Tessa Perlow

Embroidery Tattly

It’s official: Embroidery tattoos are a thing. The traditional handicraft has been around since humans first put needle to thread, but it’s only been the last couple of years in which this folky fashion has hit the tattoo (and Tattly) scene. With delicate shading, tattoos can mimic the raised look of embroidery on cloth, throwing grandmothers everywhere through a temporary loop. 

Embroidery Tattly
Enter Tessa PerlowTattly’s very first embroidery artist! Fans love her stylish take on up-cycling used garments; she turns tired textiles into joyful hand-embroidered designs. (She even lent us these original embroidered pieces for the photo shoot.) She uses bright colors and a lot of texture in each design, and she likes to feel out her canvas before starting each piece. 
Embroidery Tattly

 “Usually the garment will give me ideas, based on its color, texture, and style,” she told the design and craft blog A Pair and a Spare. “I tend to either commit to a very flowery design or go for something kind of flash-tattoo inspired.” 

Now for the first time her flash can live on you! Introducing our brand-new Embroidery Collection - for when you want to pay temporary homage to the new Arts and Crafts movement. Shop them all here!

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