Meet Tattly Artist Estée Preda

“Everything I draw is based in escapism.”

Can't get enough of Flower Cat's style? We talked with artist Estée Preda  about what inspires her work, from William Blake to working with yarn. 

Meet Tattly Artist Estee Preda

The painter, who lives in a forest outside of Quebec City, is inspired by folktales and Brothers Grimm, and her Romanian heritage has a big influence on her aesthetic. As a child, she was sensitive to spooks and nightmares. Growing up, she said, “she lived across the hall from her grandmother who was prone to night terrors." Somewhere between observing these reveries and the ephemeral seasons of Quebec, her signature dark, folky pattern design was born. And we love wearing it as a Tattly.  


5 things about Estée: 


“I originally studied economics. Then for about 10 years I created snowboarding videos for companies like Roxy. I started painting about four years ago.”

Flower Cat Tattly by Estee Preda

A New Love:

“I have a natural attraction for that everything that’s handmade. Right now I’m really getting into fabric and embroidery. I work with yarn because it’s faster. I’m very influenced by folkloric textiles, especially eastern European folklore and embroidery.”

Tattly Artist Estee Preda in her Studio


“William Blake. I always loved his poetry and I’m just discovering his art. He has watercolor works for Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s dreamy and inspiring.

I’m also looking at Greek and Roman things lately. I’ve rediscovered sculpture and the Romantics – how painters in the 1700s and 1800s were bringing back their inspiration.”

Flower Cat Watercolor By Estee Preda

What’s Next?

“I’m trying new directions again. I’m doing more with patterns and backgrounds, moving away from white backgrounds, and adding more layer and depth into my patterns.” 

Flower Cat Tattly by Estee Preda

Merci, Estée! Learn more about her here

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