Small Business Taturday: Meet Charles of Exit 9 Gift Emporium

 Independently owned businesses add flavor to our Brooklyn neighborhood, and we’re proud to supply Tattly to many of them! In a nod to #shopsmall we spoke with Charles B. Charles, the owner of Exit 9 Gift Emporium. They’re on a mission to put a little fun, joy and diversion into daily life. 

Team Tattly: Hey Charles! Your shop is like a treasure chest. How do you choose what to stock? 

Charles: It’s important that the product has a good talking point. When someone’s not quite sure what they want, it’s as easy as telling them the story behind a product made down the street. There are all sorts of small details that make a difference: whether company is woman-owned, made in Brooklyn, or by a certain artist.

Supporting small businesses is important to a lot of Brooklyn shoppers. Why do you think that is? 

I think it started with an awareness of lowering your carbon footprint through buying more local produce, and that has trickled down into non-food products. People also like to know that they’re supporting their community - knowing something’s been made and shipped locally. It’s a sense of keeping money in the community. I think people know that that’s real. 

How did you get set up in this neighborhood? 

I actually used to buy a face cream from the owner of this building! When the neighborhood was going through a resurgence in the early aughts we started flirting with the idea of how I might take the space. It happened very organically. We had to gut it, it was a big job. 

Thank you Charles! You are amazing! 


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