Moon Phases by Amanda C. Marino

Follow the phases of the moon with a celestial new design by Amanda C. Marino. This Brazilian artist is fascinated by hyper-detailed renderings of celestial bodies and the wonders of the sky. Learn more about her process below!

5 Questions with Watercolor Artist Amanda C. Marino 

  • What draws you to watercolor as a medium? 

I started using watercolors as a way to challenge myself, I didn't think I knew how to use "colors" properly so for years I only used black and white paints. it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the way watercolors move on paper, the process is extremely pleasing. 

Moon Phases

  • What draws you to the moon as a subject? 

I'm drawn to the unknown, I love observing and learning about the mysteries found in our ecosystem and universe. 

  • Which artists do you admire?

Galileo Galilei & Leonardo Da Vinci (because of their curiosity and bravery and the unity of science and art.)

  • Can you describe your workflow or process? 

There's definitely a lot of thinking behind everything that I paint. I've never been able to spontaneously paint something up, for me it takes observing, listening, thinking, researching and then finally... I put on my favorite playlist and paint. It all makes it more fun and meaningful to me. 

  • How does your background affect your work? 

My background plays a huge role in what I create. Growing up my family and I moved around a lot, and it caused me to see the diversity of beauty everywhere, as well as the things that remained just about the same: the stars. 

Thank you Amanda! You can shop her Moon Phases Tattly here



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