No Carve Tattly Pumpkins!

This decorative gourd season, consider putting away those carving knives. Although they're pretty thick-skinned, pumpkins have feelings, too! How would you feel if an entire culture carved away at your kin season after season? Introducing a pumpkin-friendly alternative: No Carve Tattly Pumpkins! 

Recommended by Martha Stewart and Better Homes & Gardens alike, Tattly Pumpkins are the kinder way to make your doorstep spooky-ish. Just follow these simple DIY steps to get started. 


Gather your supplies! For this you'll need the following:


Trim the Tattly close to the design.
This will make it easier for the design to adhere to ro
und surfaces. Like the surface of your pumpkin friend. 


Place your Tattly face down.
Press down firmly and gently with your damp sponge.
Make sure the paper is completely soaked through before removing.


Check a corner before you peel off the paper backing!


Et Voila! Your pumpkin family is dressed up and ready to go. Take them along to your next Halloween party or just let them chill on your stoop for maximum neighbor-exposure. Nice! 

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For this DIY we used designs from each of our Tattly Tins: 

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