Wellness in the Schools + Veggie Tattly

Wellness in the Schools

Have you heard of Wellness in the Schools? It's a national non-profit that teaches kids healthy habits.

One school in Washington, D.C. kicked off the year with a celebration for cafeteria staff where they held tastings of upcoming recipes and hosted speakers. They even featured veggie Tattly at the event, and let students apply them! We were so happy that they sent us these shots from the day. 

Here's the team wearing Julia Rothman and Vincent Jeannerot Tattly. 

Wellness in the Schools Tattly

We learned that Wellness in the Schools reaches over 65,000 children in 135 schools. Some of their initiatives include bringing new recipes to school cafeterias, adding active activities to recess, and providing supplemental health classes across the country. 

On their site they point out that kids in the United States spend 12,000 hours in school from kindergarten to high school, so it's part of every school's job to make it easier to practice healthy habits while they're not at home. 

Wellness in the Schools Tattly

If you want to bring WITS into your kids' school, here's how. And if you're looking for our veggie Tattly, here's our Food collection

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