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Toronto, Ontario

Growing up in India, surrounded by a diverse range of art and design, Divya developed an immense love for everything creative. From intricate patterns on clothes to vibrant rangoli art, South Asian culture's artistic expressions captivated her. Among all forms, the art of henna held a special place in her heart. As a child, she would gaze in awe as henna artists weaved intricate designs on hands and feet, using only a simple cone filled with henna paste. This fascination grew as Divya experimented with henna, starting with simple designs on her own hands. Soon, friends and family sought her artistry, igniting her passion further. What started as a hobby at a very young age blossomed into a full-time passion as she started to take on more and more clients. The pursuit of this passion birthed her brand “Henna by Divya”.

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From Divya Patel with love

Henna Cuff Tattoo
By Divya Patel
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