Collection: Tasiania

St. Petersburg, Russia

Tasiania is an illustrator and surf designer from St. Petersburg, Russia, living in Bali. She has always been into art and design, studied graphic design, and hasn’t really stopped drawing since. Tasiania has traveled around the world in the last seven years, getting close with local people, learning their culture, and living local life. Learning from the decorations, cultural backgrounds and being close to the nature keeps her eyes open. And of course surfing and skating is the main source of her inspiration. "As a surfer I am so blessed to see so much beauty in this world; all these waves, sunrises, game of light and water on happy people's faces. All this little things have always stuck out in my mind. In my art I express that feeling which every surfer knows, just trying to share that joy I got from the ocean."

From Tasiania with love

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