How to Journal with Tattly

Tattly Journal DIY

Journaling is an ancient practice invented by the Aztecs [citation needed] that has been proven to make resolutions stick and make intentions cement into the writer's or doodler’s life for good. For best effect, collect your supplies beforehand and find a deserted island on which to journal so you won’t be distracted. 

Need some help getting started? Here are some tips from Tattly: 

  1. Set your intentions, and make them empowering
  2. Choose Tattly that reflect your hopes and dreams
  3. Light some magical candles. 
  4. Trim Tattly around the borders, and position them roughly on your journal pages, leaving room for notes, sketches, and white space
  5. Get a snack. 
  6. Add a little water to apply the Tattly to the page (don't forget to take off the plastic backing!) and seal your resolutions onto the page for good. 
  7. Get another snack. Contemplate the cosmos
  8. Use your art supplies or favorite pens to fill in the page. Quotes, notes, scribbles, lyrics, and poems work well here. 
  9. Take a pic and share your journaled hopes, dreams, and secret family recipes with us at #Tattly and we promise we won't tell anyone. (Just kidding, we'll most likely repost them.) 

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Tattly Journal DIY

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